Cheri Glover

Cheri Glover is a Fashion/Runway Model from Queens, NY. Cheri has a Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies from St. John’s University and a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Columbia University.

She has worked over 10 years in the non-profit field as a Career Counselor and decided it was time to step out confidently and pursue her childhood dream of modeling. She has always had an eye for fashion and unique clothing pieces. 

In 2015, she began preparing for modeling by hiring a personal trainer for a year to get her mind and body prepared for the next steps ahead. In mid-2016, Cheri began participating in fashion shows during New York Fashion Week and in the Model of the Year Competition where she became a Semi-Finalist. She also won the Rookie of the Year award and became a Mentor/Model Coordinator Assistant with a company called the Living Dolls Project. 

In 2018, Cheri joined another company called KatLady Productions as a Model and Marketing Assistant. Within the same year, Cheri was chosen as a Promotional Model for a clothing company called Makishi Apparel. Most recently, Cheri won a Cover Modeling contest and became the Cover Girl of the March 2019 issue of Beautiful & Dauntless Magazine. 

In addition to modeling, Cheri has been on the board as a secretary for Keep Empowering Youth Achievements since 2006. K.E.Y.A. is a dance company where children are taught different styles of dance from Modern, African, Tap, Jazz, and Ballet, etc. Cheri attended a similar dance company as a little girl and performed at the school recitals until she was 16 years old. Cheri is also a proud charter member in her international Sorority for the NY Alumnae Chapter founded in 2006. 

Most recently, Cheri has become a member of the Young Professional’s Network with the American Heart Association. Cheri was born with a congenital heart defect which resulted in her having open heart surgery in 2009, at the age of 27 years old. She plans to help spread awareness of Heart Disease and promote healthy living. 

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